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Default Migraines

Ok, so I am relatively susceptible to migraines, I get them every so often, but until last week I hadn't had one in I have no idea how long.

Then comes my gf gone for the weekend. I Have a smoke out of her hookah (stainless steel) on Friday night, (After a session with some friends,) and then wake up Saturday morning with a head splitting migraine. My migraines tend to go away after a few hours (after I take Ibuprofin) so Saturday night, I decide to have another hookah. I again use the gf's hookah. Sunday morning, same thing. So basically my weekend has been ruined by migraines. My gf gets back adn requests I don't smoke for a few days since she just had her wisdom teeth out and is paranoid about dry socket. So I agree. Tuesday comes around, and she agrees to let me have a hookah if I smoke it in my little seperate area. This time I use my hookah (an egyptian), and wake up Wednesday with no migraine. Then last night, I use her stainless again, and this morning, sure enough I wake up with another migraine.

Does it at all make sense that the only variable in my getting migraines seems to be which hookah I use?

Anyone else have an issue with migraines from hookah?
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