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Default Phunnel Bowl Efficiency/Usage Problem

I have a problem with the phunnel bowl, whether I pack tangiers or anything else (AF or Starbuzz).
It may last a good bit longer than the normal bowl (~25 mins longer), but you gotta pack a LOT more.
(efficiency problem, although not sure if it's actually inefficient or not as I don't measure how much shisha I'm putting in)

The real problem is I can't seem to completely use/burn all the shisha. There's a good layer at the bottom of the phunnel that isn't used.
Maybe I can reuse it in another bowl, but that'd get annoying separating it and adding again.

Any thoughts on efficiency and if theres an easy way to make sure the shisha is all used?

I'm using a Magdy Zidan Perpetual River and either Golden Quicklites or Exoticas if that makes any difference.
Smoking Tangiers out of it I usually keep on 1 coal (1/4 of an exotica or the small quicklite), and anything else I use 2.
Tangiers I pack pretty good and with the other stuff I just drop it in til its full (maybe press it down a TINY bit).
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