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Default Re: Hookah lounges....another rant

thats basically how the "main" lounge is by school. but the hookah is even worse (not cleaned, cheap bad shisha, etc). the place i go to around home it is good shisha, decent coal service, and the music is pretty low and its normally alternative rock or a lighter-medium rock so i dig it, rarely rap. on sundays they do movie night, play 3 movies and have some specials, never been there for the movie night so not exactly sure how it works but i know a lot of people that enjoy it.

from what ive seen it seems to be theres 3 types of lounges, traditional and good, modern/progressive and good, and then just fad lounges and bad. the 2 lounges by my school that are bad are ran by middle eastern guys, the lounge here that is great is ran by a bunch of white kids so meh

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