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Default Re: Tangiers posts

If you don't want to read a tangiers post than scroll past it!Having said that, people should take the time to search the archive instead of consitently posting the "how do you smoke this shit?" thread.
It's no secret that we have members that cringe everytime the "T" word is uttered. Tangiers is not something that is enjoyed by all. But it is a hookah tobacco and this is a hookah group.Personally,I could do w/out discussing my fav. SB flavor or having to explain what dates of AF grape are ok to buy, but I still do it once a week.
We have a growing community w/new folks constantly coming and going, so there will be some redundancy. But this is why I try to make a point of suggesting that people browse the archive when I post my hellos in the "greetings" section.
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