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Default Re: September forum contest outide US

Originally Posted by shishaholiC
Anyway, i hate argueing, the thread was not suposed to be for the age but for people outside US.

Cheers, stefanos
Well, if you truly hate arguing, why not just let this all go and contribute to the forum as you normally would. You are 100% on the defensive on this one (rightfully so), and the more attention you bring to your situation (meaning, each time you respond to a post), the less it helps your argument. Your living outside of the U.S. is one thing, but when you start talking about how you get around the laws/system where you reside, it does nothing to help your case, just makes you look more like a sneaky teenager smoking illegally. Following your argument, if I want to go out and buy a gun and let my 3 year-old daughter play with it, it is ok because I purchased the gun (I'm an adult), and to let my daughter play with it is my decision as a parent. Unfortunately, parents DO NOT have the final say where some laws are concerned (including tobacco), and whether they somehow circumvent the law or not to put tobacco products in their children's hands (that would be you) does not make the law null and void. No reputable vendor is going to put that hookah and tobacco in your hands after reading this thread, and it is partly because you just can't let it all go, and you keep digging yourself into a bigger hole each time you reply.

And I like how we are all arguing in this thread as if you had already won the contest, and we are just deciding how to handle the prize.
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