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Default Re: Vortex bowl?

Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
I think they are great and are only 17 bucks (with shipping added in).

One thing, I would say just from looking, is that they look a bit too deep. I like to smoke so that i still have some juice on the bottom of my bowl (it of course adds to flavor), so maybe this wouldn't matter to me but to some people it might. What would you say about the depth Jonathan?
I measued the depth of the vortex bowl, its a little over 1" (inch) in depth. the standard clay/ceramic bowls are a little less than 1/2" (inch).
I love the depth of the vortex, when you see it, its really not that deep. all the juices stay in the shisha instead of leaking out. with the vortex, the juicier the shisha the better the flavor.
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