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Default Re: Vortex bowl?

Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
I would be concerned that the holes would eventually become clogged with burnt juice and could pose a problem to clean considering their angle and placement.

Are the holes designed to reside under the shisha? If so I can see the logic but that supports my concern. If they are above the shisha line then my point is pointless. In this case this would be a simple change to the funnel that would eliminate the occasional problem with foil sucking into the hole (happens to me sometimes when the foil gets loose). I can't really say that it would change airflow much without testing it out.
you dont have to worry about the holes becoming clogged, the juice will never leak through the holes. the holes are small enough that the shisha will not get clogged in them. if it ever became an issue, you could clean the holes out with the poker attached to your tongs, the holes are at an angle tht can be reached with a poker.

The holes are designed to be above the shisha, the airflow ciculates better through the shisha, it causes it to burn the shisha evenly.
you shouldnt have an issue with foil sticking to the holes or bowl. the very top piece in the middle is ceramic and the holes are on the side of the middle piece. with the vortex, you dont put the coal directly in the middle, if you did, the middle of the coal would sit on the ceramic top and not over all of the the shisha. also, when poking the holes in the foil, there is no need to poke holes in the middle, only over the shisha around the bowl.
sorry if im not clear, we're closing in 10 minutes so im typing fast.
our instructional video will explain a lot.

i will be able to log on tonight from home to answer ay other questions
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