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Default Re: Vortex bowl?

Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
The holes are in the middle so they would be covered by the shisha, but over the top of the juices that sink to the bottom. Juice leaking would still be there i would think, but not to such an extent as an egyptan style bowl. The juiced become very thin when the coal comes in, and they all sink right to the bottom. The vortex is basically the same as the phunnel with a mod, in which the smoke is directed straight through the tobacco itself to moaximize the over-all flavor.
wow, you said it perfectly, the only thing is with the vortex, there is no issue with juices leaking, unless maybe if you were to really over pack the bowl, which i might try so i can answer this question down the line.
the vortex is basically a different designed phunnel with the mod built in
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