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Default Re: Al Amasi

YESS! I use to love Al Amasi, when I first started working for shara smoke co. we carried al waha, saet safa, al amasi and nakhla. we carried al amasi in the 250g pouches (first shisha to come in a re-sealable zip lock puch). my favorite was memories mix, i created hookah freak freaks choice to mimick al amasi memories mix, it was very minty and sweet. al amasi didnt really sell for us. when i found out we were going to stop carrying it, i bought the last case of memories mix! al amasi use to have lots of food coloring in it, when you got banana the shisha was yellow, for memories mix it was green. it was long thick shreds of tobacco covered in molasses and food coloring. i alwaus got bigs clounds of smoke and it gave a good buzz.

we have a couple bags in the warehouse that expired about 2 years ago! if your interested lol!!
im not sure why we still have it, we have some old nakhla too! of course we dont sell it anymore (its expired)

I havent seen al amasi for sell in the states in a long time, we imported it from egypt (im not sure if thats where it was made but thats we it was shipped to us from)
if you ever come across it, try memories mix! it is so good. i also enjoyes their grape (the shisha was purple!)
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