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Default Re: September forum contest outide US

Originally Posted by shishaholiC
This thread is no longer about the prize for me...

I ll give you my own source of information.
I read most of it ,400 pages or so, and its an index with all laws on tobacco.
from what i read, only in one state i remember saying that its allowed (not forced) to deny sale of tobacco to an adult he suspects that it will be given to a major.
Anw KK please lock this thread
Wait, so you're a 15 year-old living where? And you are interpreting the tobacco laws in the U.S. where myself and most of the other members reside? Come on shishaholic, we live here for God's sake. We know how the law works, and we are telling you, IT IS ILLEGAL FOR AND ADULT TO PURCHASE/GIVE TOBACCO PRODUCTS TO A MINOR. Read all you want, but like I said before, these rebuttals of yours are not doing you any favors.
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