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Default Bad Night...

So I just got some AF and decided to mix a little strawberry and Lemon. I set up my large egyptian bowl and prepared two pieces of exotica coal (One whole coal cut into four equal pieces). I used two layers of foil and let the coals sit for a while. When the coals were glowing I set them on the bowl and waited a while longer. After about 3 or so minutes I looked at the coal and most it was glowing but there were some parts that had turned black. I went for a draw anyway and the chamber filled with smoke immediately. After about two more draws the smoke became very harsh. I blew on the coals and got them glowing again and put them back of the foil and cleared the chamber. Waited a little while longer and drew on the hose again. Not much flavor but smooth. So I drew acouple more times and harsh smoke again. I thought maybe to much heat but the pieces of coal are only about two inches long and I have always used this amount and size of heat with no problems. I lifted the foil and sure enough I had burnt some. So for the actual questions if anyone can help. Does AF not need as much heat? Once a bowl of shisha has been burnt a little is it salvagable or should it be tossed and a new bowl made? Any special instructions for preparing and smoking AF? Much help appriecated.
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