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India has hundreds of brands of moassels, juraks and tombacs but I have had just a few. They tend to be more like old fashioned Arabian juraks then like Gulf states fruity stuff. What i've had and like that I can recall off hand is:Quemsa, Bejka, Abu Itrah, Abu Shisha (a jurak labeled a shisha), Al Kaas, AJPL (a moassel labled a jurak), El Kif, Arous El Nile, El Gondoul,Al Jawahara & Taj Mahal. Keep in mind that when Indian companies call something a shisha they are trying to make a fruit flavoured moassel but somehow it still is sort of a jurak/moassel mix. They also make lots of brands like Desi Merli which you are supposed mix with molasses before smoking. You also need to remember that they also use tobacco in food so make sure that you don’t get tobacco meant to eat and smoke it.
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