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Default Re: Coconara or Exoticas?

well ive tried the 16 piece box of coconara and i have not tried exoticas yet, however,, the coconaras are decent they last a while but i dont see the great heat that everyone claims it has i can barely get my medium phunnel going with 3 of them were as i can get thick ass clouds with three qls, they do ash but very different then other coals they ash into little black pebbles if you will i feel like im blowing gravel off my bowl.. and they have a strange smell when lighting on an electric coil stove. but in the end coconaras are pretty good but i would like to try exoticas just to see which i would prefer more. but the one advantage i have with coconaras is the fact that their master sales warehouse is in DC which is 15 mins from me so hella quick shipping! lol
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