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Default Re: How'd you get into hookah?

well it started one early morning about a year ago now. the story begins with 3 kids at the tender age of 19 they were sitting around at about 7 am totally wasted (well one doesnt drink) and they were like hey we got this hookah that WAS used for the naughty(once we found out about the stuff its suppose to be used for it has never been used that way) and we were like i bet there is some kind of tobacco that you can smoke sure enough we get to the tobacco store and the one with all the money (me) was still totally wasted and i was like "i want some tobacco that i smoke out of a hookah ya know dawg?) and he showed us some of there kinds. The first smoke that day was king molassal cherry and it was amazing so we got better tobacco at a headshop downtown and the rest is history.
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