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Default Re: Dark leaf tobaccos

Tobacco leaves get dark buy growing them in the shade and by the sort of curing/fermentation they undergo when getting them ready for being used pipes or cigars. Cigarettes don't uses dark leaves as it takes more time and energy to process them and they know that the people that buy cigarettes don't care about taste any way. To some extent, moassel is always darker because of the mixture of molasses or honey adds a bit of colour. Any washed moassel starts out with lighter, cheaper tobacco and takes away a big portion of what the tobacco could contribute to the flavour. Tobacco can be rich and complicated if processed properly but for the most part you won't find the full body and tastes that tobacco can give in modern style moassel. In the states, Tangiers, H-H Cavendish, Plain Salloum, Zaghloul are about it in terms of darker leaves. Most Turkish, Iranian and Syrian moassel uses higher quality dark leaves although they are often blended to give a complicated rather then just rich/heavy flavour.
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