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Default Re: New Al-Fakher Cut

Originally Posted by HiToKiRi View Post
I hear what you're saying but by the looks of it it seems as though online retailers make up quite a large amount of the overall market. I'm sure if they raise their concerns with AF and stop placing large orders for AF shisha (or stop buying AF altogether) I'm pretty sure AF will get the message. If their sales start to decline drastically I'm sure they will eventually take action to address the issue.
That would make perfect sense, and I agree with you completely. This isn't like the AF grape problem, this is a bigger problem that affects everything AF was, it affects every flavor, so it will affect every person who smokes it. This new cut leads to less flavor and it can barely take any heat; not enough heat to smoke it but burns with a tad too much.

Dunk - Me either, i refuse, when there are much better companies out thee that deserve my money. HookahHookah is cut small, but you can play with it and actually smoke it effectively. You can't do anything positive with this new AF.
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