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The countless times this has happened to me man (only with the use of EXOTICAS, AHEM!) . There's no way around these, it's your body's way of saying "You are a Dick, Sir. Eat my shit". You wake up, and you can't get up. You think that water will fix it, it doesn't. You think 400mg Ibu will fix it, think again (you need atleast 800 or a Lortab/Hydrocodone). These things aren't from lack of water, believe me, I once threw up all the water I had had the night before. These are strictly from the coals, too much of what they give off. It can happen to anyone, no matter how much you smoke, other people have different surrounding conditions so they might not get as much CO.

I use to get these everytime i smoked, it was after 4 bowls with the beggining of the bad Exotica Batches (which i didn't take to heart until I felt this way). You need to switch coals from whatever you are using to a Coal brand that is less processed, Those Orange Wood coals from HC for example, that don't use a binder. Coconara coals work just fine for me, but Jap EZ lites didn't Ql's didn't.
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