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Default Re: Vortex bowl?

I was recently given a great deal by Jonathan, and i purchased a Vortex bowl in an instant. I have a very, very good feeling about this bowl.

I say it would drip juices slightly because of the juices sticking on the tobacco when it is loaded into the bowl. So when the heat source comes, and the juices begin to lose their viscosity and run down into the bowl, and the holes are in the middle of the bowl so they will run down the side of the raised center entering the holes.

What i am not saying is that this is a problem. I get drippage from a phunnel with a mod, it in no way affects flavor, longevity, heat capacity, etc.

The holes are smaller, but numerous. They are small enough to not allow tobacco to enter them, but large enough and numerous enough to allow proper and efficient airflow. In an egyptian bowl there are more than enough holes to get the job done, so in that regard they could afford to lose some without losing their ability to provide you with a good smoke.

But this is what reviews are for, and Mr. Bungle is a trusted member and i would take what he says to heart,

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