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Default Re: Dark leaf tobaccos

Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
if you have tried the Contentment from Hajo or the Tangiers F-line, that is the buzz to expect from Bubba's tobacco. I hear that he can also make it unflavored, well, just sweet flavored, i would email or call him and ask about that. It is very dark, and cut medium-fine I would say. If not for the killer, killer buzz i would smoke PB&J regularly. It tastes exactly how you would expect it too. It produces thick clouds and is near impossible to burn like most other darker style tobacco. I would reccomend it's a bit steep in price, I think 12 bucks total for 100 grams, or $19 for 200 give or take $1.
PB & J shisha sound just nasty, something I would go out of my way to avoid. As to "buzz" the thing is that I never experienced it myself even when I first started smoking. I suppose that most of you guys inhale deeply when smoking which I guess effects things. Personally taste/texture/craftsmanship is what it's all about to me.

As to the Contentment I am getting in a bunch of high quality Iranian stuff soon but I don't know if i'll be doing the samples thing again. The work and expense in getting 40 samples out is substantial and only two reviews came in so it seems that the interest wasn't that much after all.
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