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Being a n00b myself around here, while I do think there are quite a few topics about tangiers, there are just as many saying, what's the best shisha? or, what's better, AF or starbuzz?? Which KM should I get? Is this hookah any good?

I valued the many tangiers threads while learning about it, as everyone's problems are slightly different, and having that many different perspectives allowed me to smoke it right the first time. I did the scoop, packed it down a tad with my oyster fork, foiled it, and had probably the tastiest hookah session I've ever had. And I couldn't even finish the bowl.. 3 people smoking on my small phunnel for an hour or so, and it barely looks like it's been touched.. If there was only 1 thread about this, or even just the tutorial, I don't think I would've been successful. There are alot of nuiances to take into consideration as far as what works for everyone else. Holes, amount of heat, what coals, etc.. 1 tutorial would not have shown all of this.. Just like only 1 thread isn't going to expose all the angles on any given subject.. If you don't want to read about something, don't read it.. you don't have to read every thread here.. bitching about it is kind of counter productive really.. It's like saying.. Man it really hurts alot when I hit my nutz with this hammer..

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