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Default Re: Hookah lounges....another rant

I'm looking into starting up my own hookah bar right now in my area. Prime spot. Got a music college there, and there is no other bars for 50 miles. There are a couple of places close by to buy hookahs/shisha, but the closest place has like 2 hookahs for sell, and just SB.

Needless to say, that vid has scared me. If I want a night club, I'll go to a night club.. I wonder how many broken hookahs this guy has a night! probably using acrylics to be safe.. Either way, any decent hookah bar I've been too, the atmosphere is about hanging out, and talking with people. Not grinding it with some skank ass chick on who knows what. Hookah bars are very much like coffee shops, but with alittle more action. It's by no means, a frickin' rave..
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