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Question ugh. my first exotica experience..

i picked up my first box of exoticas yesterday, and got the first chance to try em out tonite. i cut a stick into 1/4's and put 3 pieces on my stove. i patiently waited while they 'cooked.' they started crackin and didnt look right. the ash that covered em wasnt white, but brown and dirty.. is this normal for exoticas? did i do something wrong? i've been smokin a bowl for about 30 minutes now, and the ash is still all brown and dirty looking. ive previously used some japanese style coals, and the ash is always white/grayish. when i went to ash em, the coals all crumbled into multiple glowing pieces and some of the holes that i poked in the foil were burned around the outside.. any advice?

-is it possible to get these coals too hot?
-is it possible to leave em on the burner for too long?
-i only used one layer of foil, should i have doubled it up?

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