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Default Re: ugh. my first exotica experience..

Originally Posted by jpos832 View Post
i picked up my first box of exoticas yesterday, and got the first chance to try em out tonite. i cut a stick into 1/4's and put 3 pieces on my stove. i patiently waited while they 'cooked.' they started crackin and didnt look right. the ash that covered em wasnt white, but brown and dirty.. is this normal for exoticas? did i do something wrong? i've been smokin a bowl for about 30 minutes now, and the ash is still all brown and dirty looking. ive previously used some japanese style coals, and the ash is always white/grayish. when i went to ash em, the coals all crumbled into multiple glowing pieces and some of the holes that i poked in the foil were burned around the outside.. any advice?

-is it possible to get these coals too hot?
-is it possible to leave em on the burner for too long?
-i only used one layer of foil, should i have doubled it up?

No it's not normal for the ash to be any color but gray or white.

Yes you can leave the coal on the burner too long. I always watch the coal as it heats up. When it's a quarter of the way red I roll the coal over once, and repeat until the whole coal is red and not a bit longer. I have seen many folks post pictures with them having problems with Exoticas cracking and splitting and most times the coal has been left on the burner too long.

Are you using Reynolds Heavy Duty foil or something comparable? I use 1 layer of Reynolds HD for every session, and I never have heat management issues.
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