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Phunnel bowl are designed to maximize longevity and flavor in a bowl.

The bottom does not have holes, there is one raised hole in the middle of the bowl. The tobacco goes around this. When it is heated, the juices in the tobacco lose viscosity and become thin, sinking to the bottom of the bowl. In an Egyptian bowl the juices fall right through the holes, in a phunnel the juices sit at the bottom of the bowl and cook. This keeps the tobacco moist and the flavor strong.

The Mod is designed to re-direct airflow of the smoke, by pulling it through the tobacco and juices instead of over them. The Mod sits on the hole in the middle of the phunnel.

These bowls are very commonly used now, more-so the Egyptians for the most part, although Nakhla is best smoked out of an Egyptian.

Some people don't use the Mod because they say it does nothing. I like it because it raises the center of the foil up so the coal doesn't sit directly on the foil touching the tobacco.
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