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Default Re: Coconara or Exoticas?

There's really no way to actually truly compare all the coals. Exoticas are different for everyone, some people get bad batches (like me) and some people apparently get good ones.
When I compared the two, Exoticas couldn't compare to Coconara in anything but lighting quickness and cost. They lit very quickly, but when left 1 minute over their heating time, they started to crack in half and were not lit in the middle. They gave off barely any heat, and were 1/2 as dense as Cococnara felt. Coconaras can sit on the burner for 20 minutes or more with no adverse affects other then a spent coal. I believe it was an unfair comparison because of the lack of Exotica quality. I got coals that were light, flaky, and held together poorly which could not retain heat. These are the same Exoticas that i had been getting for 5 months prior, at 4 months their over-all quality started to go to shit.

So my bias is with coconara because of density, longevity (1/3 longer then .25 Exotica because they are denser), ease of use (no breaking), and ability to retain heat. They give off a lot of heat, and it is easy to burn a bowl at first.

There is NO PERFECT COAL. But Coconara come close in a lot of aspects based on many tests i have done and their direct comparison with Exotica coals.
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