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Default Re: ugh. my first exotica experience..

Originally Posted by kingboyb View Post
Its unfortunate that many members are having troubles with thier exoticas. However, I'm glad these issues are coming to light (excuse the pun). It doesn't look like we'll get a "show down" style review of coconara vs exotica anytime soon. Since it seems like there are more people complaining about exoticas than coconaras right now, can we get some folks to shed some negative light on coconaras? Please be specific and and provide example like the exotica folks have.
I know personally know someone who complained about cocos...Maybe he got a bad batch. He hated how long it took to light and the fact that there was a slight coal taste (even though the coals were red hot and glowing) and his hookah was clean. Also, he was smoking a flavor that he had dozens of times with exoticas. It was great to hear some negativity about Cocos because not every coal can be THAT perfect like everyone has been saying.

Hmmm my nearest hookah shop owner said he got a small box sample of Coconaras back in April. He was thinking of putting them up in stock and if he does...H-P WILL get a comparison from me lol Or when I get my paycheck, I'll order some cocos to try out and I'll even show pics of the ashes every like 10-15 mins to compare

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