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Default Re: Tring to find a hookah.

The witch smells like a chemically treated Nammor, that is to say, like burning rubber and eventually straight petroleum. There are odd smells that follow those rigs around, i even had the luck of smelling one that gasoline flavored...

I would get a Small Fatota Egyptian. I guess I'm just going to assume you are a girl, and I know how much girls would prefer something more along the lines of an "Accessory", so a Fatota would be great. They are cute and easy to carry around.

What I would try to do if I were you is find a 22" Egyptian in your price range, i have seen them go for 25 bucks and they are actually solid little rigs.

Ohh, and don't EVER buy a pumpkin. You will hate yourself in 3 months.

Basically any Egyptian under 27" is going to be generic, and anything under 23" will be repetitive. Any smaller sized Egyptian will last a long time if kept well, and will smoke just fine to suit your needs.

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