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Default wohooo ordered my first hookah... finally

so the $ from my old iphone just cleared paypal so i finally got some bank and i got to order my set up from HS

i got:
-2 hose lunar rotator red (plus all the goodies it comes with including 50 grams of chocolate and cola, yes i know "rotators are bad", i talked to enough people that own them and between the good responses from them and the fact im going to school for metals i should be able to deal with any issue)
-2black nammors
-red small phunnel
-red mod bowl
-black tea cup bowl
-lime tangiers 250 g (clearance)
-tangiers schnozzberry 250 g (clearance)
-af grape, coconut, watermelon 250 g each
-af apple 50 g
-2 boxes of exoticas
-1 box of coco naras
-coal holder
-extra tongs
-hose plugs

and i was able to snag a 250 of blue myst at the local shop last night so i am set for the whole semester if not the majority of the school year.

thanks for all the info, its been and will be a great help

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