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Default Re: cigs vs. hookah.

If you completely think inhaling smoke isn't bad for you then you need to re-think your life. You don't inhale enough tar when smoking hookah to even notice it. The minimal amount of tar gets stuck in the water, in the stem, in the heart, and in the hose before even coming to your mouth. Tar sticks to cotton very easily; I have filled the heart of a Mya with Cotton balls and smoked a full session, to find a small 2 square-Cm blotch of something brown (and it smelled like shisha juice so it may have leaked from the stem into the heart through the threads which don't have an o-ring). Hookah smoke is white because there is no visible tar. Maybe if tar is pure white it is present, but tar is very noticeable while smoking cigs because it is particulate matter, and it ends up in the filter when aftr you smoke. That's what you are inhaling, plus hundreds of other highly toxic chemicals. I want to see them do a test on a person (who is experienced) smoking a hookah. Keeping the tobacco from burning is the top priority in hookah smoking, burning tobacco is the top priority in cig smoking.

Yes, inhaling anything but pure air is bad. No air is pure anymore unless you like in a forest anyway. Every study done is based on Cigarettes, not pure tobacco, which needs to be published. And then, they need to do what i stated above, that's the only way to prove anything at all.

It's bad, yes, but it's not as bad as any other type of smoking. No direct burning, no additives, no papers, no visible tar.

For all of you strictly hookah smokers, like me, i want you to even try to inhale a cig, just a quick inhale. It will burn and make you choke. After all this "terrible, bad" hookah smoking shouldn't you be able to inhale a cig? Why can i run 5 miles up the canyon, and 5 miles back without stopping or lack of breath, and I have been smoking for 5 years?
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