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Default Re: wohooo ordered my first hookah... finally

Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
With rotators, careful when you wash them; water gets under the glass globe and if you don't notice it, it sits in there and rusts. Make sure to keep the Rotator completely dry after all washes and sessions. Careful of metallic tastes, every rotator i have happened to smoke from has this for whatever reason (wow the second thing i can't explain about hookahs today).
thanks, ya i thought about how i need to clean and dry well but i hadnt thought much about pulling the glass out all the way, that will be easier to clean and less rust issues. im already planing to pull the large top off the vase so i can ice it well so that shouldnt be too big of an issue

ill just use canned air too to give every thing a quick blow out, i would just keep a compressor pumped up but i cant really keep on in an apartment easily

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