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Default Bad experience one night

I'm a beginner but I've smoked hookah many more times before this night. My friends and I ran out of shisha, so I went to a local store and bought Starbuzz Sex on the beach. Smelled really good, I was really excited to smoke some.

Get to my friends house, and we set up two hookahs, one was a pumpkin and the other was an average sized hookah. Regular bowls with quick lite coals. After about 3 sessions, we take a rest and head inside the house. While I'm taking a piss, my breathing gets really heavy, and I nearly faint. It was only a problem when I was standing up, once I lied down on the bed everything was okay. I was also really lightheaded since I smoked from the pumpkin most of the time, and it's really hard to suck smoke from that thing.

Now my question is: What caused me to almost faint? Here are things I think that could've been the problem.

Within about 1 hour, I took over 40 huge hits.

I accidently swallowed a good amount of smoke.

The coal we used was slightly black (some small parts) even though I told them to wait till it was fully red.

When sucking from the hose, I could taste A LOT of the juices. Is that normal.

Any help?

On a side note: I have asthma, so my lungs aren't that good to begin with.
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