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Originally Posted by Huskysibe
Whats a Canary Melon taste like Dunk? I love apple cider, I need to take a road trip and see you some time. How far away do you live from like Norfolk, VA? I will be moving there early 2009 or as early as summer 2008.
Hmmm Canary melon is hard to describe. Kinda like a honeydew melon but it's flesh is white or kinda clear and has a salmon pinkish color around the seed cavity. They are very sweet when they are ripe.

According to Map Quest I'm about 272 miles from Norfolk. Maybe you can pick up Sammn and car pool! That would rock! It would be cool if y'all could come in Early to mid October when the leaves are peak and the apples and cider are plentiful. It'd be cool to go up on Phoenix mountain and smoke. Here's a couple of pics I took from up on the mountain.

This one is of a creek (pronounced crick) you have to drive across to go up on the mountain.
Tangiers =
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