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Default Re: Bad experience one night

Originally Posted by Treach View Post
This seems like a good place to ask without starting a new thread, in case it's already been covered:

The friends that introduced me to hookah mentioned getting "hookah-sick" as though it were an issue that came up regularly. Now, I've never been "hookah-sick" myself at all, so I'm wondering: is this an actual problem, or were my friends just of meager constitution, or were they doing something wrong?
well there are a few different things that happen/can happen.
a)to much CO causing light headedness and/or head aches
b)nic-a-fits, to much nicotine in the system causing the above and digestive issues (nausea, craps, etc)
c)some report that smoking "makes them go number 2, in a bad way" i dont believe this and thing it is just that they are smoking 1-2 hours after they ate diner and had something that didnt agree with them (being that im gluten intolerant and didnt know it for years i can promise that when you eat things your body is sensitive to it doesnt take long to get that urge)

so, light the coals fully, dont over do it, and dont jump to blame the hookah if you have digestive issues
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