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Hello all. I bought my first hookah a few days ago from a local smoke shop (I have no idea what kind of hookah it is, I'll post some pics when i have time) and I smoked it this morning for the first time. Other than the occational cigar I don't smoke, but this was great. The smoke was smooth as could be and not the least bit harsh. I could inhale deeply with no coughing or burning what so ever. Lots of thick white clouds. I think I did everything right. I poked lots of little holes in the layer of tinfoil, submerged the stem 1/2 an inch inder the ice water, waited until the coals were red hot, ashed and rotated them ever 5-10 minutes. If there is anything I could do to improve my smoke please let me know. I think I found my self a new hobbie! I used Rosetta Strawberry Creme tobacco today.

I do have a few questions though...

1) Why is my tounge black? Will this always happen?

2) Should I buy a cheep handheld fan to help heat up my coals? In my current situtation I'm stuck with using a lighter and lighting and bowing them was really a pain.

Thanks for the help!
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