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when i first opened shop months ago i thought i would treat my self to a mya after a few weeks. however, after reading hp extensively and getting other opinions i have taken home an MZ, a Syrian, and 2 KM's (sorry if that sounds like showing off )I have yet to take home a MYA and for a long time I had lost interest.
Lately though I have been thinking about acquiring a MYA though. I know most of you would agree but I still think it's a good rig, just not a first choice. We'll see, depending on my mood I still may take one home one day.
I do like the fact that everything fits perfectly weter it's screw in or pop in. The one I would take is the Myan Pyramid as I like the looks. If I do this I will let my HP friends know about it right away and give a review.
Go with your gut though, and like someone above metioned, you wallet.
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