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Default Re: Al Amir Exotic line

Sorry to get back to you guys so late but I just back back from a little vacations which gave me an chance to try the new Al Amir exotic flavors I picked up. So here is what I got, white grape, guava, papaya mango and al amir blend. First off the smell when you first open any of the flavors is amazing. Each flavor smelled exactly as it should and not artificial at all, especially the guava!! As for taste non of the flavors were overwhelmingly sweet everything tasted natural. The white grape was soothing and full of flavor as any white grape should be imo. The papaya mango was up there as possibly one of my favorite flavors, it has a very tropical taste and smell. The guava was pleasing to my taste buds almost as if I was taking a bite out of one itself. Now the al amir blend was interesting. I couldn't quite figure out what flavor it was but it had a slight hint of a rosey flavor but I wouldn't quite say it was rose. Every hit gave me a different taste and towards the end it was like all the flavors combined together for one unique refreshing taste. The tobacco itself was very juicy, cut very fine and not too sticky. As for smoke, all the flavors produced huge clouds of smoke and they were not harsh at all.
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