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Default Size: Medium Vs Large hookahs

I personally only have one medium size (pumpkin? 13" @ MAX) hookah. It smokes very nice and I get extremely impressive smoke (clouds?) from it. The bowl I currently have is a 'stock' bowl. However, I have purchased a phunnel bowl and it's OTW.

I've also gone to hookah bars and they have large hookahs (22+ ") They also get good smoke.

However, the hookah I have at the house, which is easily 7-10" smaller than those hookahs gets more smoke, produces a better taste and lasts longer than the hookahs at the bar.

Is that because they prepare their hookahs like crap? Wrong coals? Too much tobacco? Packing the tobacco to much in the bowl?

Sorry if this subject has happened before as it's a spur of the moment idea and I've been drinking

Thanks for any input!
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