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Default Re: Does it really work? (a discussion of all hookah techniques, topic changes)

Other Liquids in Base:

Fruit Punch:
A good match with pretty much any flavor that's fruity...the other day I tried fruit punch in the base with Starbuzz Strawberry Kiwi on top and it was delicious...

Bacardi Watermelon:
This one is REALLY good. Set up was a shot of Bacardi Watermelon (the rest water) in the base, and Starbuzz Tropical Fruit on top...I tried this idea for the first time at a party recently, and people couldn't get enough of it. Everyone kept on asking me all night what flavor it was. It enhances the flavor of the shisha itself. You can taste the watermelon mixing with the Tropical Fruit...and at the same time it also gives you a slight alcohol taste when you're inhaling, kind of like a cool menthol type of taste. If you smoke this while having a couple of drinks it WILL give you a nice buzz, and you'll get tipsy a lot quicker. A friend of mine was smoking this with me while drinking (something alcoholic) and at one point she had to stop smoking it because she could barely sit straight. Mind you, she was on her first drink and was completely sober before she started smoking.

I haven't tried milk with many different flavors...but I tried it with Starbuzz Caramel Macchiato... I didn't like this flavor, so I thought of adding milk to the base to see if it would make it taste better...It did make it taste a little smoother on the way in, and it also made the smoke thicker...the smoke itslef had a milky caramel taste to it, but since I didn't like the flavor to begin with, it didn't convince me to smoke it more foten...I am planning on trying milk in the base with other flavors in the future, and I'll make some more reviews on it...
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