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Default Re: How Much To Smoke...

How much one smokes is up to them. There have been times I've smoked twice a day, everyday a week. Other times I may only smoke a single bowl in the span of 10 days.

Plus, depending on HOW you smoke may be more important. Are you always aiming for BIG CLOUDS, or are you sipping for taste and not inhaling much of the smoke? Big clouds can cause more damage long term as you are drawing the smoke (and nicotine/ect) deep into your lungs. Shallower sips for taste are similar to smoking a cigar - you don't inhale (or inhale deeply) and enjoy the flavor rather than producing clouds.

If your young and healthy, just take into consideration that the more you smoke, the less healthy over the long run you may become. It will also be more expensive as the cost of more tobacco and coals, plus time and effort goes into the mix.
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