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Question Trying to figure out which to get...

I've already read all the review on most of the bowls I can find. After hunting around, checking specials and such not, I'm down to basically 2 vendors/choices.

I'm looking for a SMALL phunnel or phunnel-type bowl. Nothing screamingly fancy, probably NOT glass (not had good experiences w/ glass). I used to have a MED and it was TOO DANG large for me smoking on my own.

I'm ALSO NOT USING Tangiers tobacco either - this is for drippier tobaccos I come across (Lay, new AF, and the like).

So here's the stats:

~MNHookah lists Small Phunnels (12.95) plus a 3 pk of 250g AF (25.00).
~Sahara Smoke has the Vortex (9.95) plus a 3 pk of 250g AF (29.95 - but came up in my chart for 26.95)

*MNH's came up 36 and change before shipping. SS's came up 29.46 before shipping.*

I wanted to try out CH, but only has MED phunnels on-site. MED's are too large!

So which bowl should I try for - the small phunnel or the vortex? Or should I just forgo the bowl and just pop for the tobacco? (Which means I can go with other vendors).

This is the first "hookah" purchase since late feb/march for me, so I'm kinda existed to get some new stuff.
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