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I'd rather smoke at home, or were I usually smoke, outdoors...Lounges are cool and everything but eventually it turns into a major rip off! The local lounge by my house charges $20 for a one hour session! I can buy a whole 250g tub of Starbuzz shisha for the same price...and the tub will last me over a month of smoking sessions...In the 2 1/2 years I've been smoking hookah, I've smoked at the lounge 4 times...I don't think it's worth it, beause in the end you can buy yourself a decently priced hookah and supplies, and with $20 you'll be able to smoke for a lot more than just one hour...Once you get the technique right, you'll even be able to make your sessions taste as good or even better than the hookah lounges in your area...
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