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Default Re: How Much To Smoke...

from what i have seen people saying they were able to switch over to hookah then after a while they just lost the whole jonesing they would have when they needed a cig, they still want hookah but not the whole freaking out about to kill something.

if you just quit a pack a day habit you could probably be ok with 2-4 hours of hookah a day. i would just go with the if you want it do it for a while and see how that is, you will still probably save money by doing that compared to cigs.

when im smoking regularly ill do 1-3 bowls a week with friends (not having one of my own), once i get mine i know there will be a good week with 7-10 bowls in it then probably go down to 1-4 a week probably averaging around 2 but we will see
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