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god if i had a dollar for every time ive seen this.. now lets think some common sense here. first of all all these news shows and scientists and what not are only saying this becuase they are told to by the government becuase the government wants to controll everything!! second, all these "tests" they say they did on hookahs are inconclusive becuase they are using the same tests that are similar to how they test cigs for all their dangers. Hookah tobacco and cig tobacco are not the same when it comes to how its processed and made not to mention all the dangerous and harmful chemical additives that they put in cigs and the way a cig is smoked and the way a hookah is smoked is not the same. Last but not least the whole "tar" issue. its b/s when it comes to hookah. Yes tobacco can produce tar when burned enough at the right temperature which is around 700-900 degrees and cigs burn at 800 degrees when its lit and you are smoking it so yes its been proven that cigs produce tar which goes into your lungs. Hookah tobacco however could produce tar if it was lit and burned but it is not. Hookah tobacco is "baked" in the bowl at 350 degrees at the MAXIMUM so theres no way it can produce tar. Now with all that being said yes hookah smoking is definately Not good for you but its definately not as bad as cigs that alot of people are trying to make us believe.

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