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Default Help! Crazy hookah headache!

Hi im new on here, from England. I've been smoking Hookah for about 5 years now but not that much in the last year. I purchased a new Mya Gyro (ruby red) Hookah from Hookah-Shisha, it's beautiful. Never tried a KM but the amount it smokes is more than enough for me.

Anyway i smoked it the other day for the first time after a few months because my last eqgyptian broke using AF Grape, new cut. Didn't get any problems because the Mya bowls have very small holes. I used 2 natural coals but normally only use 1 and made sure they were fully red and i ate before i smoked but I got the worst headache you can imagine, i went to sleep, woke up and my head was still banging. Went to sleep last night and my head is still banging. Ive been drinking lots of water and taking paracetamols but its not going away, even after 2 days.

Come to think of it i've never had a heasdache from smoking Hookah except for when i used these certain natural coals that i got from this place that happen to sell me fake AF aswell so im thinking its got to be the coals and because ive used 2 it's even worse.

Sorry about the long post but to get to the point, what should i do?
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