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Default Re: cigs vs. hookah.

Originally Posted by Doomsday_Rob_V View Post
shisha has more tar they say .05 nicotine etc or 0.0 but thats when its in the container the tar isnt created untill its lit
That depends on what you mean by tar. If you are being specific tar is solids that naturally occur in tobacco which are inhaled as the tobacco burns. That sort of tar is far less present in moassel and jurak then in cigarette tobacco for the simple reason that naturally occurring tar is removed during the agglutination process which makes the stuff we smoke sticky. I should also point out that the extensive fermentation/curing used to produce cigar/pipe/narghile tobaccos naturally removes alot of the tar and nicotine normally found in tobacco. To the extent that naturally occuring tar does exist in narghile tobaccos they are not inhaled for the simple reason that liquid content is supposed to be vaporized and the tobacco is not supposed to be literally consumed by fire.

However, in terms of generallized particulate solids narghile smoking does produce far more stuff that is in sme ways comparible to tar as a result of coal dust and the various agglutinates dropping out of suspension during the cooling of the smoke as it passes through the water. How much of it you are expossed to depends upon the size of the narghile, the size and possitioning of the hose, how clean your rig is, how well you manage heat and what sort of bowl you use.
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