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Default Tangiers......Whats so good about it?

I bought into the whole Tangiers hype and I wasted my money on it to be quite honest. I tried it 2X, used all the so called methods to make it work. Let it acclimate for at least 4 hours stirring occasionally, pack the bowl nice and full as it comes out of the package(Do not fluff it up) use a phunnel, room temperature water etc etc etc It smells like the grease I scrape off my BBQ grill before I cook a steak, and it didnt taste much better. I had watermelon and then I tried Kiwi 2 months later, they both tasted the same to me. So my question is this, whats the hype? the flavors not there, is it the buzz? Someone please educate me cause I just dont get it.
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