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[FONT=Palatino Linotype]Hello HookahPro Members,[/FONT]
[FONT=Palatino Linotype]PakistaniMasty - here I am extremly happy right now. I have been working at a restaurant for 2 years now and my first year there was awsome, the second year started and my boss started being a jerk him being a jerk became being an A$$hole and the only reason I stayed at that place was because the pay is decent and the hours were good (the pay was only decent because i had to keep asking for raises). I realized that that place is making me extremly unhappy I hate going there So I decided I wanted to quit but I wasnt going to quit unill I found another job so a few weeks ago I had something about looking for work in my away message and an old aquaintence read it and said he had a gas station and needs some help and then he explained the pay and the hours and at first I was skeptical only because I would be getting paid less but then I thought to myself about how miserable I am at the restaurant so I took his offer and I went there today to fill out an application and work out a training schedule wich was good and well. So I walked in looked around and against one of tha walls were like sooooo many hookahs and coals and shisha I ran over there I was like noooooo way!!!!! I was like im totally working here lol there wew a few small 10" and then there were larger 20" no brand hookahs there was a looooooot of hookah hookah shisha so quick light coals posters I was so happy and I talked to him and he told me he goes to nyc and gets all that stuff for the fraction of the price he is selling it for lol and I told him that ill go with him on his next trip and help him buy tasty shisha that will sell and stuff I am sooo happy that totally made my day. I just thought Id share it with you all =)[/FONT]
[FONT=Palatino Linotype]~PakistaniMasty~[/FONT]
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