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Default ******* Hookah

Just wanted to give a greaaat thanks. My stuff came today and I'm 100% satisfied with everything. I live in Las Vegas and my stuff was at my door the next morning after he shipped. Amazing quick. I got a 41" KM in blue, if you've ever seen something beautiful, times it by 16 and that's what it looks like. Tried it out after opening it, and all the hype about KMs is all true. The pulls take nothing. The phunnel bowls were wrapped very nicely and came in spotless as well.

Although I did notice the end of the acrylic piece that plugs into the hookah was pretty chipped. Doesn't bother me because you can't see it when its all the way in though. Anyway, I took a couple quick pictures but I was really excited to try it out so they're not that great. Haha. Anyways, definitely happy with everything John thanks a lot! My friend stole my knife though. NOT stoked on that.

I'll also try and post as many reviews as I can, so far so good on the AF Bubblegum and the Cafe Latte though.
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