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Default Vortex bowl + new AF cut = strange smoke

Ok, I got my vortex bowl last night and my new AF. Since it's the new stuff, I figured I would open & air-it out (thunderstorms and high humidity is not the friend of tobacco).

So following the advice of other Vortex owners and SS's tips, I went and packed the bowl "nice and fluffy" and just under the holes on the center part. Used (2) 1" pieces of Exoticas and HD foil (1 layer) and windcover.

Put everything together and within 1 min I have smoke. Thin and whispy but smoke. BUT then I experienced what other members has said about certain batches of the new AF tobacco: "the throat tickle".

If I sipped the smoke I wouldn't cough, but even a slightly deeper drag produced a cough no matter what I tried. The smoke wasn't harsh, wasn't hot and had good flavor, but I couldn't stop the cough. Then it occured to me - Jilly found if you over pack the tobacco, it helps with the tickle.

So now I wonder... if I over pack the Tobacco - will the Vortex bowl work?

Before I left for work I did open all three new packages of tobacco to acclimate. I'll of course re-try tonight but still....

Oh, the picture is what the bowl looked like after 45min smoking (or rather trying to).

PS: I think I know why I had thin smoke - the bowl's mouth is wider than the top of my syrians by a good bit, (the bowl was wobbly) so next time a thicker grommet or damp PT will fix the thin smoke issue.
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