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Default Re: wohooo ordered my first hookah... finally

well it got out tonight, will be here wed. either way they will receive an email from me expressing my discontent with the fact that it took 6 full days from time of order to get out their door and that i was told over and over that it would get to me on a date, then a later date, then finally i got it shipped on the date i was originally told i would receive it on.

as long a the order is correct i will be mostly content, i do feel that i should get some points or something extra tossed in to cover the fact that it will have taken 11 days from order to receive (some one on another forum told me to have patience and that it wasnt that long of a time, sorry when they say 1 day usually to ship and ups is 3 days for me to get it, 4 days, ill give them an extra 2 casue of the ware house issue, thats still arriving on monday i really dont care when it comes next week as long as it comes before the weekend so i can move with out worry, but still i expected it thursday or friday at the latest when i ordered)

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